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Welcome to Phillip on St Philip! Based out of New Orleans, we make wickedly scented candles, with a fragrance selection as rich and eclectic as the City itself. We make our candles and wax pastilles in small batches, each one hand poured and wrapped.

We only use quality products and fragrance oils. We make our custom blend of paraffin wax (with excellent ratings for both cold and hot scent throw) and bee wax, and use all-cotton wicks for a cleaner burn. The scent selection varies seasonally, but we accommodate special requests.

We hope you enjoy burning our candles as much as we enjoy creating them.

You can order the following products in our online store:


We can also create custom orders for 

  • Decorated Pillars
  • Textured Pillars
  • Wax pastille take-home gifts


Our scents selection is constantly changing. Our signature scents, like White Magic or Happiness, are always available, but other fragrances might be spur-of-the-moment or seasonal pours. If you like any of our scents and we do not have it in inventory at the time, we can try to make a special order for you, in any of our product formats. Some of our scents are not for everybody, but we are certain that we have something for everyone. Do you need 50 small skulls for the next Dia de Los Muertos? A bag of wax pastilles as a take-home favor of your wedding? A special candle for a fund raiser or a signature candle for your Museum Store? Then we should talk. We can customize labels, presentations and scents for you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Some of our favorite ingredients are also the lucky scent for each sign of the zodiac. What scent is auspicious for your sign? Check out our chart to find out!

Magical Scents

We use a wide variety of ingredients and we create our fragrances from a place of love for your enjoyment. However, we are aware that some people believe that some of our ingredients have folkloric significance, magical powers and other intangible properties. We respect and value each person’s beliefs. If you want to learn more about the significance of scents, flowers and herbs we recommend the following link: bestwiccanspells.tripod.com(We are not responsible for the content of an external link.)

We’ll try our best to craft your custom requests within 24 hours of receiving your order. Some products take longer to make than others. We’ll let you know when your product is ready.

Our Fall/Winter Fragrance Menu

All of our delicious fragrances are hand-poured in New Orleans. Intrigued by a name but want a more detailed scent description? Our formulas are a secret, but please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll do our best to describe a scent.


Clean & Fresh High TeaHigh Tea
Cucumber and Tea combine to create a crisp, fresh scent. Not too much tea, not too much cucumber, just the right balance. One of our personal favorites!
, AntebellumAntebellum
A fragrance of times gone-by. Sweet honeysuckle and warm Cypress create a tender scent that is clean and relaxing. One of our top sellers.
, Lilac & RosemaryLilac & Rosemary
A bouquet of lilac and violet meets rosemary and sage. Not too flowery, just clean and fresh.
, La LunaLa Luna
We adapted this aromatherapy recipe for relaxation using the scents of Lavender and Chamomile. When it burns, the green notes dominate at first until the lavender fragrance finally emerges.


Citrus and Sweets TwistedTwisted
This is the fragrance we hand out first time visitors to our stand to get their attention: lemon verbena. Clean and refreshing with a slight hint of floral, you won’t be able to decide if it’s maliciously delicious or deliciously malicious.
, Quarter FestQuarter Fest
Machuca met Vargas (old Spanish saying): is lime and rose! This is a sweet and refreshing scent, with citrus notes finished with a hint rose.
, AlhambraAlhambra
Named after the famed palace and gardens, we bring you a tantalizing mix of Orange, floral notes, warm wood and spices.
, SevilleSeville
Got Seville? We do! Inspired by Seville’s Orange-lined streets, we bring you a zesty mix of Tangerine, Bergamot and Grapefruit. Burns great alongside a “Voodoo Queen” or “Taos”.
, V2.0V2.0
This is not you mother’s vanilla. We add just the right amount of floral and wood notes to make this scent anything but plain.

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